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At IwasaIndia, we are aware and committed to providing safe chemicals as per the ecological norms. Lawful and ethical practices govern all our activities. Our foremost priorities are Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality.
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(Silk Protein Finishing Agent)

PROSILK, mainly composed of silk protein, is a finishing agent harmless to human skin. It also contains high derivative of animal and vegetable oil.

PROSILK can be easily absorbed in polyester, cotton, rayon, silk and nylon fabrics and knit, giving softening effect of dry and substantial feeling.



Appearance Light yellowish weak viscose liquid
Ionicity Nonionic/ Weak cationic
pH 5.0 - 7.0
Solubility Dispersed in water
Stability Stable in alkali and acid

Superior compatibility with neutral salt


Not compatibility with anionic resin (PVAC and acrylic)



1. Main component of PROSILK, silk protein, is well absorbed in fabric and gives excellent softening effect.

2. Dry and elastic hand feeling is obtained, not limp and wet feeling often processed by amino silicon

3. PROSILK gives excellent hand feelingnot only to natural fabrics such as silk and cotton but also synthetic fibers such as Polyester, Nylon and its blended woven fabrics.

4. PROSILK dose not have any effects on dyed fabrics.

5. PROSILK dose not cause yellowing with oil by heat set.


  • Dipping method                : PROSILK    3 ~ 10 g/l


  • Pad steaming method     : PROSILK    0.5 to 1.0%

                                                Pad - Dry

  • Wash resistance application:

                          Reactive resin               3 ~ 5 %

                          Catalyst                           0.6 ~ 1.0 

                           PROSILK                       3 %



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