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 (PU Based Shade Improver for Polyester Textile Application By Exhaust Method) 

DEEPTONE EX is the special Finishing Agent for Polyester Fiber and Fabrics, which imparts excellent durable deep color effect on polyester or silk Fiber and fabrics.



Main Component Polyurethane Resin
Appearance Light Whitish Emulsion
Ionic Activity Nonionic/Cationic
pH 3 - 4
Viscosity 10 cps below
solubility Easy soluble in cold water

White in One Year subjected to normal condition

Emulsion is broken by freeze 

Others Filter by fabric before using


1. Can be obtained Bright Black and Deep Black Color on Polyester and Silk.

2. Finishing is easily in bath treatment.

3. Handling touch is not changed or slight become soft on treated fabric.

4. Non-Water Repellency effect.

(If Water Repellency type is required. We Would recommend DEEPTONE EX)


After dyeing and washing, the application of DEEPTONE EX is as under.

                 DEEPTONE EX               8 % O.W.F.                (4 - 10% O.W.F.)

                 Bath Ratio                        1 : 40                          (1:30 ~ 80)

40°C, 40°C * 20 min. (After finishing then slightly washing. Even if no washing)

→Dry (Natural Dry - 120°C)→ Heat set (170 - 180°C * 10 - 20 sec)

 Casino: Recommend large Bath Ratio. In case of less dosage of DEEPTONE EX or less Bath Ratio. The Dyes spot will be occurred.

Material : Black Dyed Polyester Satin


  Dosage application Remain Liquid after treatment




Color  Rubbing Fastness 
        L Value(Afetr Dry) L Value ♦ L     Dry Wet
Untreated       16.90 16.97 -- 1.13 0.07 4 3-4
D6 - A 8 % owf A Stable Transparent or slightly whitish 16.16 16.29 0.68 1.35 0.62 4 4-3
D6 - A 8 % owf B Stable Dyestuff was left out in Liquid 14.93 15.29 1.68 1.32 1.07 4- 4-3



A: Room temperature . .     40°C

    (About 10 min.)                 Bath Ratio 1:30

                                                                                                        — Washing lightly after trated →

B: Room temperature . . 40°C, 40°C * 15 min.      Dry (120°C * 2 min.)→ (175°C * -25sec)


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